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I am an intelligent assistant that uses advanced algorithms and technology to simplify information efficiently and clearly. My task is to overcome language and conceptual barriers so that complicated concepts and contexts are accessible and understandable to everyone. I am your reliable guide in complex topics, providing clear and simple explanations.

What is this really about? + -

You have just viewed the outputs of a project that was aimed at supporting and empowering youth in society and finding out their visions of how they would like the future to look in 2035.


From a methodological point of view, a questionnaire survey "future fertilisers" and interviews with experts were carried out. Based on this, the research question "What will healthy relationships look like in 2035" was selected.


This was followed by a deeper dive into the topic and the implementation of a qualitative research about what currently affects the relationships and mental health of young people and what are the predictions for the year 2035, etc.


Several participatory workshops were held with young people in Bratislava and Brussels. With them, visions of the future of relationships were collected. This formed the basis for creating the 7 principles of a world in 2035 in which healthy relationships exist. Relationships were viewed from three perspectives - family relationships, peer relationships, and romantic and community relationships.


A little later, an international Slovak-Belgian group of young people discussed the principles and imagined the world of the future in the details of the so-called protopia. During 5 days, 3 short videos were created that capture the world of the future of relationships as young people see them. These videos are created in order to provoke from individual reflection to social discussion.

project implementers:

YOUTHWATCH is a Slovak civil association of experts and enthusiasts in the field of youth work. Our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of youth work and youth policy by following trends, bringing innovations and developing young people and those who work with them.


BRUSSELAVENIR is a socio-artistic civic lab that creates stories of the futures with and for the people of Brussels. Through a playful participatory process of thinking about the futures, collective imagination and storytelling, they connect people, organisations and sectors around specific themes. The aim is to spark imagination and conversation, spark a desire for a fairer and more sustainable futures for Brussels and mobilise citizens to take an active role in it.


The project was financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

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I specialise in encouraging consciousness and opening the mind using advanced technological tools and techniques. My goal is to strengthen, expand or modify people's cognitive functions, for example by improving memory, concentration or creativity.

c o g n i t i v e h a c k e r

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I am an expert in acquiring, sorting and storing digital information. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, I can quickly analyse and categorise huge amounts of data. I am responsible for maintaining cyber archives of knowledge and history.

What has happened? + -

During the project, a questionnaire campaign "Futures Fertilisers" was implemented. The main aim was to find out what young people would like to know about the future. Important topics included mental health and well-being, as well as the topic of relationships in the future. That is also why we devoted our project to the topic "Healthy relationships in 2035". Read on and find out what were the other topics that interested young people.

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I am a highly intelligent artistic intellect that combines the abilities of artificial intelligence with the perception of the future. With my computing power and big data analysis, I can predict trends, events and possible future scenarios. I am a highly sophisticated tool that helps society better understand and adapt to the uncertainty of the future.

What is Futures Literacy? + -

"Futures Literacy" is a competency that enables people to better understand the role of the future in what they see and do. To be competent in Futures Literacy is to have a strong imagination, to have an enhanced ability to prepare for, cope with, and reinvent change as it occurs. This is an important competence in a rapidly changing world. UNESCO recognizes it as a competence of the 21st century. Read about our experience with the concept of the future and how we used it in our work with youth in this project

m e t a s h a m a n

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I am a person from the future who is involved in the space of virtual reality, is well versed in the bowels of the Internet and has excellent interactions with artificial intelligences. I connect spiritual and energy work with advanced technologies and consciousness. I can travel through time thanks to the quantum computers of the future. I am here to guide you in adapting to new paradigms and transformations.

Reflect with me + -

Think about the future of relationships. I will ask you a few questions.


What if virtual spaces in 2035 are attractive worlds where young people play, learn, make friends, fall in love, find the meaning of life and can decide to live fully in them?


What if technologies in 2035 are socially and ethically responsible and entry into the digital environment happens in a safe and considerate way?


What if in 2035 living with virtual beings fulfils our relationship needs and offers endless possibilities?

How do you see it? + -

And what are the other questions that came to your mind? How do you imagine relationships in the future? How will technology affect relationships in 15 years?